At KUTTER, we cover all the service areas of a construction company. Besides the traditional business areas customary in structural engineering, road construction and civil engineering, we also specialise in milling. We manufacture construction products at our factories, which enables us to satisfy all our customers’ requirements quickly and easily. In structural engineering, we are increasingly focussing on project management and turnkey construction, to deliver complete solutions to our customers.

Civil Engineering & Road Construction



KUTTER is one of the leading asphalt paving companies in Southern Germany. Not least because we can offer our customers a complete service from a single source. Thanks to our asphalt mixing plants in Bad Wörishofen, Kaufering and Woringen, we not only take care of the transport and processing, we also manufacture our road surface ourselves, guaranteeing maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Our logistics fleet is able to manage all quantitative demands and ensure optimal supply to the construction sites 24 hours a day.



In open areas, car parks, squares and town centres, paved areas are increasingly being created using natural and concrete block paving, to achieve lively and varied designs.

At KUTTER, we create paved areas of all sizes for our public and private customers – whether for a private courtyard or driveway, the outdoor premises of a commercial business or supermarket, a car park or even pavements and pedestrian zones in town centres.



Around one-third of our work relates to road and channel construction activities involving the prior execution of earthworks. Through our well-equipped machinery fleet of excavators, wheeled loaders and various civil engineering machines, we can also offer foundation work for building constructions from a single source. This means the customer no longer needs interfaces between civil and structural engineering.

Road construction work ranges from building cycle paths and pavements to municipal, district, county and national roads, as well as the creation of the associated drainage facilities and the professional laying of local and district heating pipelines. Most of the raw materials we use come from our own manufacturing facility. This means our customers can rely on strict adherence to deadlines and absolute quality.
We also reliably and professionally carry out the expansion and construction of new traffic roundabouts, in all kinds of designs, and deliver all auxiliary services. 

Thanks to our modern machinery and team of qualified employees, we are also able to meet all customer requirements in the field of channel construction. Besides the construction of drainage channels in all dimensions and materials, we also take care of the associated inspection and renovation work. We are extremely flexible when it comes to outdoor installations. In the commercial sector, we primarily build large outdoor installations, such as for markets, as well as retail parks of all sizes. All work is planned with precision and performed efficiently. 




The shell construction forms the basis of a high-quality building with a long service life. Absolute quality is the KUTTER standard. We achieve this quickly and flexibly with our qualified workforce, modern fleet of machinery and equipment, as well as products from within our group of companies.

Together we can meet your complex requirements.



For the entire project, there is a single contact person, a single guarantor and no risks with subcontractors. Smooth operations are ensured by a well-established network of experienced professionals from all trades.

KUTTER manages your construction project so that you can concentrate on your core business.



Starting with the purchase of land through to the development of location concepts for local amenities or the provision of housing, construction law, planning and turnkey development, as well as sales and distribution, KUTTER delivers projects from a single source. For project implementation, we benefit from efficient collaboration with our subsidiary companies and long-term partners. Particular focus is given to projects involving shopping centres and retail parks, hotels, housing developments and residential parks.

Together with you, we will develop your idea or your location.

For more information, visit www.kutterhaus-wohnkonzepte.de.



Our in-house masonry team flexibly and swiftly completes projects involving brick, concrete and plasterwork, as well as demolition work. We can take care of your individual conversion, renovation and dismantling needs.

Contact us on +49 8331 8551-361.




We use our KUTTER cold milling machines to extend traffic surfaces made of various materials, either in full thickness or in layers. The range of materials we process spans from traditional asphalt layers to hydraulically bound mixtures (HBMs) and concrete, as well as rock and unbound mineral aggregates. Regardless of the volume and dimensions of the materials to be processed, at KUTTER we complete standard tasks as well as unusual projects using a vast range of machinery and special equipment.

As our organisation is nationwide, we usually have machines for standard tasks available in close proximity to each construction site. For special applications, a centralised machine scheduling is used.
Our cold milling machines have an integrated loading device, which can be used to load material with a milling width of 30 cm or more directly onto the corresponding transport vehicle.

For more information (contact partners & machinery datasheets), see the Downloads area.



The manoeuvrable, compact, small milling machines enable transportation of asphalt and concrete, even in narrow areas. We have machinery with working widths of between 35 cm and 1.3 m. Equipped with cutting wheels, we also use these machines to create slots and grooves up to 60 cm deep.

The versatile, small milling machines can dispense of all or some of the milled material by means of an integrated loading conveyor on a truck or wheeled loader. Alternatively, the granulate material can remain in the milled track. In this case, it is possible to drive along prepared trenches until the subsequent work begins.

Find out more information here.



Milling large areas is not a problem with our high-performance equipment. The powerful machines remove traffic surfaces made of asphalt and concrete just as easily as those made of HBM or other unbound road construction materials.

The entire body of asphalt can be milled in one process. We also offer selective milling as an alternative solution. With this method, the individual layers of the road construction material are removed separately. This way, high-quality recycling materials are produced that can be specifically reused.

The integrated transport system loads the granulated surface directly onto a truck. Using swivelling discharge conveyors, the machines can easily load semi-trailers of different sizes. 

Our large, high-performance milling machines with working widths of between 1.5 m and 3.8 m are ideal for removing asphalt and concrete at airports, on motorways or on large industrial premises, for example. 

All machines are equipped with a levelling system. Depending on the individual milling task, we replicate the existing position and inclination or change the profile of the terrain.

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Collaborating with KUTTER means finding the right solution for all problems.
Besides well-known, standard technology, KUTTER has numerous special machines that are used for niche applications. Our machines are used for dismantling traffic surfaces made of asphalt or concrete, as well as for surface processing. 

Different profiles can be created and the structure of surfaces can be modified using our special milling equipment. Our special machines also tackle a wide range of tasks inside buildings, such as the removal of coatings, screeds or entire floor panels. This type of processing can be virtually emission-free due to optimised usage. Our offering also includes stone crushers, concrete crushers and large area heating. 

Find more information here or under the individual points listed below.

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- Concrete milling
- Precision milling
- Groove milling / profile milling
- Hall / indoor milling
- Milling close to fixtures
- Rail milling
- Rumble strips
- Road shoulder milling
- Rock milling
- Steep slope milling
- Stone crushers
- Concrete crushers
- Large area heating
- Levelling
- Traction

Soil improvement - soil improvement dust-free

KUTTER – effectively improving soil

When soil is improved using binding agents, its installation strength and compactibility are immediately improved through the addition of limestone, cement or mixed binding agents. Before work begins, we conduct a soil analysis. On the basis of this, a formula is created that specifies which binding agent must be used and in what quantity, as well as how much water must be incorporated. Our special soil mixers then combined the binding agent, as well as any water that may be required, homogeneously into the natural soil.

Our powerful soil stabilisers prepare ground up to 50 cm deep. The possible applications are diverse – just like our fleet of machines. Our services range from the pulverisation of roads to the homogenisation of soil as well as the stabilisation of soil with insufficient load-bearing capacity.

With the higher -quality qualified soil improvement, frost -sensitive soils are prepared in frost in an insensitive floors. This takes into account the increased requirements regarding frost and load-bearing behavior. We can take the permanent demand for dust -free solutions that can be used in exposed locations, e.g. airports, industrial areas, solar systems, etc. with our special equipment. Here the binder tank in the device is intergovered so that the binder is stored in front of the milling red. A turbulence in front of the device is therefore excluded.

By deploying precision spreading vehicles, some with an integrated binding agent spreader, the stabilisers achieve high daily performance rates in the improvement and stabilisation of the soil. This makes them a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to soil replacement as no materials are transported unnecessarily. In turn, this avoids the generation of carbon emissions and other substances that are harmful for the environment.

You can find more information in the Downloads area under "Leistungskataloge Bodenverbesserung"(“Soil Improvement Services Catalogue”, available in German only).


KUTTER – cold recycling specialists

A load-bearing substrate is extremely important for the longevity and quality of traffic surfaces. Existing soil and minerals or recycling substances can be used for the bearing layers. Different binding agents are incorporated to optimise the material properties and create construction material mixes. There are different methods for incorporating the binding agents: the construction mixing method (mixed in place / in situ) or the central mixing method (construction material is mixed centrally / in plant).

The preparation of tar and unlucky expansion materials in situ or the production of an extremely high-quality hydraulic layer of support. For all of these applications, our Kaltrecycler WR 4,200, colloquially also called mixpaver, is available.

Without CO2 intensive transport of the resources from the construction site to the intermediate or repository or the transport of the replacement building materials such as gravel or frost protection material to the construction site, the preparation of the upcoming material, can be carried out in the highest quality.

The initial examination created by a rap-stra testing center in advance arranges the binding agent used in quantity and quality.

Permanent, independent monitoring of the first exams and those from the regulations is a guarantee for the high quality and execution standards.

You can find more information in the Downloads area under "Leistungskataloge Kaltrecycling"(“Cold Recycling Services Catalogue”, available in German only).

Milling recycling

KUTTER – 100% recycling

The milling recycling is the 100%reuse of the upcoming supporting and cover layers, as well as parts of the unbound substructure. In the course of the necessary preparatory work, samples of the inventory are removed by selective milling outlets, which are then examined by a rap-stra certified laboratory. In the course of this assessment, an initial examination is created, which is based on the future planned loads.

In the construction design, the required amount of the hydraulic binder is presented on the existing street body and is homogeneously incorporated into the opened upper and substructure using high-performance recyclers, with the addition of water in the mixed room. Afterwards the homogeneous mixture is pre -divided, brought in the end position using a package. After a seasonally varied curing time, the pad can be converted conventionally.

As an execution variant, the milling can also be taken into account by means of conventional asphalt milling milling machine and that in situ after breaking up the design layers.

Cold mixing systems


When using our cold mixing systems in plans, intermediate expansion materials with a largest grain of approx. 45 mm, with the addition of hydraulic and/or bituminous binders, water and a faction to optimize the screen line can be mixed and installed. The homogeneous mixture, which is absolutely necessary to process tar/pitch-containing expansion, is achieved by the computer-controlled double waves-compulsive mixer, which is regulated in a load-dependent manner.

Our mobile cold mixing system is available for special requirements, with the dosing option of 2 hydraulic binders. The production of quality -assured landfill assemblies on site and in the shortest possible time, using sealing materials (toning flour/bentonite), no longer a problem.

With an average set -up time of approx. 5 hours and a self -sufficient energy supply, the systems can also be used on the spot.


KUTTER – There for you in summer and in winter

KUTTER is now offering professional street cleaning services in Chemnitz and the surrounding area. This includes both sweeping services and high-pressure water cleaning. In addition, winter services such as clearing and spreading services can also be used. The location in Chemnitz also offers garden and landscape maintenance in the public and/or private sector. This includes, for example, mowing work in parks, on traffic areas or between photovoltaic systems.
Simply contact us by email to chemnitz@kutter.de or by phone on +49 151 67032592.


Precast Concrete Parts

KUTTER – high-quality dimensioning work

Thanks to production and pre-assembly in our own factory, regardless of the weather conditions, we can guarantee consistently outstanding quality. The use of individually designed precast concrete parts and our independence from suppliers significantly speeds up the shell construction process, such as for retail parks.

Depending on the local conditions, KUTTER separates larger buildings into several modules as part of the construction project, or assembles the building structure out of individual surface elements. Individual designs are possible when using precast parts to build the structure.

We can supply these parts in line with your needs and specifications. It goes without saying that our concrete precast parts satisfy all legal provisions and applicable standards.

You can also order concrete precast parts for your projects from our subsidiary marbeton, independently of a construction contract.



In addition to our civil engineering activities, we at KUTTER operate our own ready-mixed concrete plant, which is supplied with raw materials from our subsidiaries and associated companies. This independence enables us to operate independently of external suppliers in the region.
Our ready-mixed concrete is of course also available to you independently of construction contracts, including deliveries to Austria in accordance with ÖNORM B 4710-1 in strength classes C 8/10 to C 35/45.

We have also expanded our range to include recycled concrete. This innovative concrete contains up to 45% recycled material and meets the strict requirements of DIN 12620 Type 1. With our recycled concrete, we not only conserve natural resources, but also significantly reduce CO₂ emissions.

Our concrete is available in four different levels, each offering a significant CO₂ saving compared to the industry standard:

  • Level 1: 30% CO₂ saving
  • Level 2: 40% CO₂ saving
  • Level 3: 50% CO₂ saving
  • Level 4: 60% CO₂ saving

Find out more on our Green Shovel page.

For enquiries about concrete types and deliveries, please contact our Darast ready-mix concrete plant.


KUTTER – wide variety from coarse to fine.

We supply sand and gravel in all available variations in accordance with the current classes, for diverse use in road construction, structural engineering, gardening and landscaping.

From an environmental perspective, the raw material is washed at our partner companies ready for preparation, using up to 80% recycling water.


KUTTER – black gold on the roads

We also produce asphalt in-house at our KUTTER factories. The black gold is manufactured in our certified mixing facilities in accordance with the applicable provisions of the relevant regulations in Germany, such as ZTV Asphalt-StB, ZTV-BEA and ZTV LW. We produce asphalt bearing layers, asphalt binding layers, asphalt concrete, stone mastic asphalt, bearing top layers, top layers, open porous asphalt and thin layers on spray seal, hot on hot (DSH-V).

Continuous production control is performed in the laboratory at our own factory.