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to our trainees
on their successful completion

We are very pleased that six of our trainees have successfully completed their training.

Congratulations to Veronika Konrad, who will work for KUTTER as an industrial clerk after a shortened apprenticeship. Congratulations to our automotive team, Lukas Bucher and Michael Mayer, they have successfully completed their training as agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technicians, and Michael Lehrer, our commercial vehicle mechatronics technician. We also welcome Berkay Bektas and Felix Kunze to our team as fully trained road builders in civil engineering and road construction.

The trainers are very proud and we look forward to continued good cooperation with the skilled workers who have been taken on. 



As part of our winter school, the trainees from KUTTER & RIEBEL realized a project for our cooperation partner, the Mindelheim secondary school, in their schoolyard:

The old fountain was dismantled in order to make an outdoor chessboard made of cobblestones for the students at this point.

Many thanks go to Steffen Staps for the organization and project management and to Stefan Matt for the implementation with the trainees.

So that the newly created chessboard can also be used, the chess pieces will soon be handed over.

Come over!

In-house exhibition building
technician school in Kempten

Today we are in touch from Kempten from the in-house exhibition of the construction engineering school. From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. we will be on site together with Grundbau and present the diverse professional opportunities at KUTTER.

Many thanks to the organizers. We already had great conversations and look forward to meeting some of you personally at the stand.

Let's go!

Construction Rally 2023

The starting gun was fired last Friday: The Construction Rally 2023 has begun and classes 7a and 7b from the Mindelheim middle school visited us.

At various stations, such as laying walls, laying pipelines, concreting, paving, the pupils were able to get to know the activities of our training occupations relating to construction.

The stations were supervised by our trainees.

Everyone clearly had fun and we are looking forward to the other schools and classes in the coming weeks.

Speed dating

the special one

In the Türkheim middle school there was again a special kind of speed dating last Wednesday. On this evening, prospective trainees and regional companies were looking for their “perfect match”. In several rounds, the young people were able to find out about the apprenticeships on offer.

We sent Anika Sturm and Günter Wagner into the race, who answered questions from the students.

At this point we would like to thank the middle school in Türkheim for the successful campaign!

Attention: Even those who were not there that evening still have the chance of an exciting apprenticeship from autumn 2023. You can find all open apprenticeship positions at www.kutter.de/karriere and www.riebel-bau.de/karriere



trainee trip Topic
"Balance Sheet and Perspective"

Last week, the KUTTER Group apprentices of the final year spent two days in the Allgäu. The focus was on the topic of “Balance Sheet and Prospects”.

On the first day, various group work on the topic took place in the seminar house in Sulzbrunn. Content was compiled in mutual cooperation and interviews were conducted. The result was a short film that was presented to one of the managing directors of the KUTTER Group in the evening. Following this, the trainees were able to exchange ideas in a discussion group and talk about future work at KUTTER as trained specialists

On the second day there was a trip to the Kleinwalsertal to the Hoher Ifen. The aim of this trip was to build an igloo as part of a community project. Because teamwork is also required here ... as on the construction site, the first task was to get a plan, to prepare the necessary tools - the "quarry" and the construction site - and to set up the construction site before the igloo construction could begin. The result was really impressive!

We look back on two great days and wish our trainees a good final sprint and good exam results.


fire on the
company premises

Auf unserem Unternehmensgelände in Memmingen kam es am Sonntagabend zu einem Brand. Aus bisher ungeklärter Ursache fing eine Arbeitsmaschine, die auf einem Tieflader stand, Feuer. Dabei kam es durch platzende Reifen zu mehrfachen, kleineren Explosionen. 

Durch den schnellen und professionellen Einsatz der Feuerwehren Memmingen und Memmingerberg konnte ein Übergreifen des Feuers auf die Werkshalle und das Hauptgebäude verhindert werden. Weitgehende Ermittlungen sollen nun die Brandursache klären. Wir gehen von einem hohen Sachschaden aus, verletzt wurde zum Glück niemand.

Wir bedanken uns vielmals bei den Einsatzkräften von Feuerwehr, THW und Polizei.

Die KUTTER Geschäftsleitung


Also our fleet
becomes sustainable

It is very important to KUTTER to conserve energy and its resources. For this reason, we took a closer look at our largest source of energy, namely the KUTTER fleet and the mixing plants, and looked for a way to make them future-proof and energy-efficient. In order to act in a sustainable and resource-saving manner, we have to significantly reduce the amount of fossil fuels used.

That's when we came across the topic of HVO fuels. What this is all about in detail is explained to us by Dr. Markus Mohrdieck, Head of Safety and Environment at the KUTTER Group, in the detailed video.

We are pleased to be able to operate our fleet in a future-proof and resource-saving manner and we continue to strive to create sustainable solutions in all areas of the company!

social commitment

KUTTER construction company
supports Schaffenslust

The KUTTER company is characterized by a wide range of social commitments: from comprehensive social benefits for employees to the "KUTTER Green Shovel", which stands for sustainable and resource-saving action, to donations to various associations. Now KUTTER has decided to support the voluntary agency Schaffenslust in the long term as part of a membership in a sponsoring association. "It is important to us to strengthen and maintain the feeling for togetherness and social commitment in a profit-oriented everyday work", says Veronika Schwendiger, KUTTER HR Manager. “Measures for renaturation and signaling that green areas do not always have to be sealed are important to us as a construction company. If we can then present this in our local environment, we consider the campaign a success,” says Ulrich Dick, member of the KUTTER management board. Isabel Mang, head of the volunteer agency, thanks her very much for this appreciation and is delighted "that in addition to this generous donation, we also have the ability to plan, so that we can secure projects in the long term and start new ones."

The Association for the Promotion and Support of the Volunteer Agency is a recognised, non-profit, politically and denominationally independent association. Anyone can become a member. The annual minimum contribution for private individuals is EUR 30.00, for companies EUR 120.00. The membership is cancelable at any time. Further information at isabel.mang@fwa-schaffenslust.de or at www.fwa-schaffenslust.de/unterstuetzen-sie-uns.


We congratulate
our trainees!

We look forward to additional expertise in our civil engineering team:

Tobias Rehklau and Leon Göttinger (from left) have successfully completed their training as road builders and will remain with the KUTTER team with their knowledge and drive.

Instructor Markus Lobner congratulates his "protégés" on passing the exam and we wish our "new" colleagues a good start!

Big move


The KUTTER Group remains a family business and feels committed to the associated values. We will continue to stand for responsibility towards our employees, for flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and, above all, for entrepreneurial spirit with the courage to make progress. We will continue to maintain a high level of performance and quality at a fair price level in the future and maintain a partnership with everyone involved in the construction.

Maintaining and further developing these values ​​of KUTTER as a family company is our top priority. We look forward to mastering the challenges together with you and successfully living our corporate values ​​and common goals.

Young Professionals

Our student get-together
was brought into being

Since July 2022 we have created our student regulars' table. This has already taken place three times this year at different locations.

At the first regulars' table, a visit to the retention basin in Engetried was on the agenda. The focus was on the topic of "work preparation on a construction site". Together with our civil engineering site manager Daniel Rogg, our students then went to a local inn to discuss the topic in more detail.

The second regulars' table took Armin Fäßlin (head of turnkey construction) to Lake Constance in September. Here we visited a former brewery from the 19th century on the island of Lindau. The brewery will be converted into 18 residential units, which will be subsidized by the city. Particularly impressive: a slide show showing that the building was first gutted and only the masonry including the old support beams were left. After the technical input and the impressive pictures, we strengthened ourselves with a dinner in the sailing club directly at the port. The future dual students were able to get valuable tips from the already students.

In December we visited the asphalt mixing plant in Darast near Woringen together with Simone Eichiner (Head of Asphalt Mixing Plants). Right at the beginning we climbed the tower of the asphalt mixing plant and were rewarded with a view of the entire site and a look inside the asphalt mixing plant. After descending, we went straight to the office to the mixing desk. Mr. Schwarz from the mixing plant explained the complete throughput process of the mix on the screen. Ms. Eichiner then presented the laboratory, which was newly completed in 2022: Laboratory equipment for quality assurance of the asphalt mixture and for examining the aggregates and binders were inspected. Punch and a snack brought the excursion to a successful end.


health Management

With ProPhysio we have found a competent partner for our company health management. What convinced us most about our choice was the holistic concept and the professionally trained team.

It should be particularly emphasized that the health center understands how to respond to the respective target group and, thanks to the various programs, also applies the perfect concept for the respective age group. ProPhysio supports us in the areas of exercise, nutrition, relaxation, stress management and team building.

We were pleased about the consistently positive feedback from our employees about ProPhysio. We are already planning the next health day for our trainees in the new year.

Finally again

christmas parties

Wie schön, dass dieses Jahr wieder Weihnachtsfeiern an den verschiedenen Standorten und Niederlassungen sowie in den unterschiedlichen Unternehmensbereichen stattfinden konnten.

Es gab spannende Highlights, wie beispielsweise den Keynote-Speaker Rainer Petek zum Thema „Change Management: Das Nordwandprinzip“, Ehrungen von Jubilaren und vieles mehr. Der Austausch in geselliger Runde, vor allem mit Kolleginnen und Kollegen, mit denen man sonst wenig Berührungspunkte hat, bereitete allen Freude. 


voluntary inflation
compensation bonus

As a family company, we want to stick together even in difficult times. This year, for example, we were able to express our appreciation of our employees with a voluntary inflation compensation payment.

Become part of the KUTTER team. Information at www.kutter.de/karriere

KUTTER donates

Unterallgäu workshops
receive donation in kind

The employees of the Unterallgäu workshops are happy about KUTTER work clothing, because we have now donated our trousers and dungarees, high-visibility trousers and jackets as well as overalls to the workshops that we no longer need. These are exclusively new goods that employees are allowed to use privately. We are very happy about the great enthusiasm that our donation in kind has met with!

The Unterallgäuer Werkstätten is a business partner who takes on the laundry service for our work clothes and garden maintenance work.

We would like to thank all employees in the workshops for the good cooperation, wish you a nice pre-Christmas period and lots of fun with the clothes!

2nd national winner

Performance competition of
German crafts 2022

Congratulations to Denys-Pavlo Didyk:
After he had already completed his training as a concrete and reinforced concrete worker as the best in his exams in February, he was now also the 2nd state winner in a competition organized by the Chamber of Crafts.

The performance competition of the German skilled trades 2022 was organized in September by the Chamber of Crafts among the trainees with the best exams. For this purpose, Mr. Didyk produced a precast exposed concrete lintel, which received an award.
His former trainer Jürgen Petrich and training manager Anika Sturm congratulated the young man on behalf of KUTTER for his outstanding performance.

We are happy to employ such a capable man as an employee who enriches our team as a skilled worker on the KUTTER construction sites. Denys Didyk is also currently attending the technical school in order to gain even more qualifications.

The emergency

Great fire drill
in Landsberg

Big alarm exercise on monday evening in Landsberg: A vehicle fire has developed in an underground car park. Two people who wanted to try to put it out themselves ran into the burning building and have been missing ever since. Smoke is already coming out of the building, and explosive noises can be heard in the underground car park.

Fortunately, what sounds threatening at first is just an exercise by the Landsberg am Lech volunteer fire brigade. The aim of this complex exercise scenario is to gain safety and routine when fighting fires in underground car parks. KUTTER made one of its construction sites available for this purpose, a project by kutterhaus-WOHNKONZEPTE and is pleased to be able to support the fire brigade in this important exercise.

A few minutes after the ilsffb alerted, the first vehicles arrived at the scene. Wearing heavy respiratory protection, the attack team quickly begins to search for the missing persons, while a fire-fighting structure is being set up and positive pressure ventilation equipment is being prepared. After a short time, the first missing person is rescued and the first fire is extinguished. The search for the other missing people turns out to be more difficult in the heavily smoky and spacious underground car park, but then all the dolls are found. Finding the other sources of fire and bringing them under control is also laborious and time-consuming, as these are difficult to detect in the dense smoke of the fire. Finally, the spacious garage still has to be ventilated, because the operation can only be ended when the entire building is smoke-free!

Photos: Landsberg am Lech volunteer fire brigade

Topping-out ceremony Memmingerberg

turnkey construction
in Memmingerberg

In Arbeitsgemeinschaft mit Hans Hebel entstehen in Memmingerberg derzeit drei moderne Büro- und Geschäftsgebäude im Auftrag der VR-Bank Memmingen eG.

Vor kurzem wurde das Richtfest gefeiert, bei dem rund 80 Personen, darunter der Bauleiter und Verantwortliche der VR-Bank, die regionalen Partner der Baufirmen, Bürgermeister und Gemeinderäte aus Memmingerberg sowie die lokale Presse eingeladen waren. 
Das erste der drei Gebäude soll bis Mitte 2023 bezugsfertig sein. In diesem wird im Erdgeschoss eine VR-Bank-Filiale eingerichtet. Zudem werden im ersten und dritten Gebäude sowohl Praxen als auch Räume zur flexiblen gewerblichen Nutzung Platz finden. Das zweite Gebäude wird komplett von der VR-Bank genutzt werden.
Bis Anfang 2024 sollen die Bauarbeiten abgeschlossen und das Projekt schlüsselfertig übergeben sein.

KUTTER bedankt sich für den Auftrag und arbeitet weiterhin mit Vollgas an dem spannenden Bau.

project development

New residential complex
Landsberg am Lech

Heute mal wieder die Rohbauarbeiten auf einer unserer Baustellen im Schnelldurchlauf.

In Landsberg am Lech entsteht derzeit ein Projekt der kutterhaus-WOHNKONZEPTE. In zwei Häusern werden insgesamt 28 Wohnungen + Tiefgarage Platz finden. Die Rohbauarbeiten wurden von unserem Tochterunternehmen Xaver Riebel ausgeführt und wurden bereits im August abgeschlossen. Im Video zu sehen ist ein Zeitraum von insgesamt zehn Monaten.

Wir freuen uns sehr über den guten Fortschritt dieses KUTTER-Projekts.

Together we are strong!

old town run
in Memmingen

Unser Lauf-Team war am Sonntag den 18.09.22 aktiv beim diesjährigen Altstadtlauf in Memmingen. Neben einer tollen sportlichen Performance und jeder Menge Spaß bei der Nachlese, haben wir unseren roten Trikots alle Ehre gemacht.

Der Startschuss zum Hauptlauf wurde um 15:00 Uhr direkt auf dem Marktplatz, neben dem Brunnen, gegeben. Dabei machten sich 38 Firmenteams auf den Weg durch die Altstadt. Vom Marktplatz verlief die Strecke nach Westen Richtung Zangmeisterstraße, wo sich ein kleiner Erfrischungspunkt für die LäuferInnen befand. Danach erst links auf die Herrenstraße und wieder links auf Roßmarkt, Weinmarkt und die Maximilianstraße. Das Karree bildet dann im Osten die Salzstraße, bevor es zurück Richtung Marktplatz ging. Hier müssen die LäuferInnen über eine Zeitmatte. Insgesamt wurden auf der ca. 950m langen Strecke sechs Runden absolviert.

Durch die relativ kurze Runde waren viele Zuschauer an der Strecke und konnten für Stimmung sorgen. So wie unsere Supporter Victoria und Johannes. An dieser Stelle noch mal vielen Dank für die tollen Bilder vom Lauf.

Es haben alle LäuferInnen der Fa. KUTTER starke Einzelleistungen erbracht und konnten teilweise über sich hinaus wachsen. Sogar unser ehemaliger Kollege Rainer hat unser Team verstärkt! Vielen Dank dafür, wir freuen uns, wenn du dem Laufteam weiterhin erhalten bleibst!

Gemeinsam sind wir stark! Unser Lauf-Team konnte dabei in der Firmenwertung den 14.Platz erreichen. Das kann sich mehr als sehen lassen! Gekrönt wurde bei der Siegerehrung unsere Sonja mit einem starken 3.Platz in der Altersklassenwertung.

Nach dem sportlichen Teil der Veranstaltung haben wir uns noch zu einer geselligen Nachlese eingefunden, denn Spaß und nette Gesellschaft ist vor der sportlichen Leistung unser Hauptziel.


your apprenticeship
in building construction

Versatile professions with a future: Secure your apprenticeship as a bricklayer (m/f/d) or concrete & reinforced concrete worker (m/f/d) and look forward to well-founded, varied training in a profession in which you create real values.

In this video you can see what awaits you and what our current trainees appreciate most about their everyday life.

Interested in an apprenticeship in building construction?
Feel free to contact us easily via WhatsApp on +49170 8551500.

We look forward to you!



Zum Richtfest auf der „Funkenwiese“ lud die Sozialbau Kempten Ende Juli. KUTTER war als Generalbauunternehmer selbst­ver­ständlich vor Ort. Bei typisch blau-weißem bayerischem Sommerwetter wurde das Voranschreiten des Großprojekts gebührend gefeiert. 

In sieben polygonalen Gebäuden entstehen hier 183 Zwei- bis Vier-Zimmer-Eigentums- und Mietwohnungen, wie Büro-/Praxisflächen sowie drei Tiefgaragen mit insgesamt 193 Stellplätzen.

KUTTER ist stolz, bei diesem Großprojekt mitgewirkt zu haben und sagt „Danke“ für den Auftrag.



KUTTER has started with the structural work of the logistics center in Immenstadt-Seifen.

As the Allgäuer Zeitung No. 149 of July 1, 2022 reports, the Bosch company is setting new standards at its plant with the latest technology: the required parts are brought from a fully automated high-bay warehouse to the production machines on a conveyor belt - this form of intralogistics provides represents a world first. In addition to the new buildings, a truck parking lot and a new road layout including a roundabout are being built. The opening of the logistics center is already planned for the end of 2023.

The shell construction work includes the floor slab with a size of 8,000 m² and a concrete quantity of 3,800 m³ as well as the complete reinforced concrete skeleton with around 2,400 square meters and a thickness of 50-80 cm. 165 prefabricated components and approx. 1,200 tons of steel are currently being used.



Im Auftrag des Wasserwirtschaftsamts Kempten entsteht in Engetried ein Regenrückhaltebecken.

Das KUTTER-Team arbeitet seit September 2021 bis voraussichtlich Oktober 2023 auf dieser Baustelle – die Arbeiten laufen bereits auf Hochtouren: Es werden hierbei circa 200.000 m³ Erde bewegt. Drainage- und Aufbauleitungen mit einer Länge von etwa 1.500 m verlegt und mehr als 7.000 Tonnen Kalk-/Zementbinder und circa 120.000 m³ Dämmschüttmaterial kommen zum Einsatz. Für die gesamten Bauarbeiten steht eine Summe von knapp 6,4 Mio. Euro zur Verfügung.

Mit unserem neuen Imagefilm erhalten Sie Einblicke in die Technik und in den Alltag unserer Kollegen. 

Topping out ceremony in Kisslegg

new building
for senior housing

Age-appropriate living in Kisslegg: This is the keyword for a new building by "DI Deutschland.Immobilien AG" that is currently being built in the Becherhalde development area. Now it was the topping-out ceremony - and KUTTER, as a project participant, was of course on site.

By June 2023, 33 one- to three-room apartments as so-called multi-generational apartments and 60 one-room apartments for inpatient full catering will be built on the approximately 5,500 square meter property.
The structural work has now been successfully completed.

Dust-free milling

hall milling
in Weinheim

Dust-free and low-vibration milling indoors - we are the specialists: In our video we show you exactly how cable ducts or profiles are created in a closed hall.
We accompanied the work at our customer PRÜM-Türenwerk GmbH in Weinsheim with the camera. All measures are discussed with the customer in advance and adapted exactly to their needs. For example, we can also work in halls that are still stocked with goods because there are no dust emissions.

Milling in buildings: fast, clean, precise, inexpensive, KUTTER.

course for the future

the management

Mr. Rainer and Mr. Jürgen Rogg were appointed as further members of the management on April 1st, 2022. Together with the authorized signatory Andreas Binder and the managing partner Peter Groll, the gentlemen will be responsible for the civil engineering and road construction sector, which includes further subsidiaries.

We also inform you that Mr. Armin Fäßlin, also with effect from April 1st, 2022, has been appointed as another authorized officer of the company. Mr. Fäßlin has been responsible for turnkey construction at the KUTTER construction company since 2015.

The construction company KUTTER guarantees that it will continue to be your reliable and efficient partner in all construction matters and sets the course for the future.

We wish all those appointed every success in the upcoming tasks.


contact option
now also via WhatsApp

KUTTER has created another contact option for its applicants. Interested parties can now contact us quickly and easily on +49170 8551 500.

Do you have questions about one of the positions offered? Do you know someone who would like to fit well into the KUTTER team? Would you like to apply to us as simply as possible? Then send us a WhatsApp.

We are looking forward to your contact!


Hall extension at Liebherr
in Kirchdorf

The ground-breaking ceremony for the extension of Hall 3 on the Liebherr premises in Kirchdorf took place last week.

The extension is planned to be over 2,500 square meters and will be completed by the end of June. Before work could start, 3,000 square meters of the existing floor slab were demolished. Approximately 700 meters of waste water and 150 tons of structural steel will be laid in the coming weeks.

In the photo, alongside representatives from Liebherr, you can see Christian Konrad, the technical director of building construction (left), and Ulrich Dick, managing director of building construction (3rd from left). We are delighted about the exciting order and would like to thank Liebherr for the trust they have placed in us.