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Many customers from a broad range of sectors have already placed their trust in us and relied on KUTTER as their building contractor. We’ve summarised some of our projects for you here.





CustomerState Building Authority Krumbach
Construction period07/2022 - 10/2022
Dimensions4,50 x 2,25 m / 50 m
Earthmoving7,500 m³
Streetmarking8,000 m
Order valueEUR 1,816,276

Exciting project

Our road construction team worked at Reutti from July to October.
Construction was carried out on the culvert at the Landgraben. In addition, the road surface was renewed over a distance of 3.4 kilometers. Before the new culvert could be installed, the land ditch had to be relocated and the groundwater level lowered. This was followed by the relocation of the stream, the backfilling of the old culvert, the construction of the ceiling as well as protective barrier and marking work.

The road was closed during this time and traffic was diverted.



CustomerWipflerPLAN and State Building Authority Weilheim
Construction period11/2021 - 11/2022
Soil excavation11,000 m³
Sewer works450 m
Drinking water pipes450 m
Order valueEUR 2,409,033

New Connections

A new development area is currently being built between the western part of the Benediktbeurer Ring, Richthofenstrasse and Landsberger Strasse in the municipality of Penzing, and KUTTER was commissioned to develop it. The work included sewer, water pipe and road construction as well as light signal and noise protection work. In addition to the structural development of the construction area, the road construction work also included the redesign of the Landsberger Straße/Otto-Lilienthal-Straße intersection as well as asphalt pavement work in the roundabout and St 2054. We also built a 40-metre-long noise protection wall and took over the planting work. The construction work took place while traffic was moving, so that there were no restrictions for motorists.



CustomerKempten water authority
Construction period09/2021 - 10/2023
Earthmoving200,000 m³
Limestone/cement binding7,000 to
Sound insulation filling material120,000 m³
Drainage/discharge pipes DW120,000 m³
Order valueEUR 6,443,000

Heavy rainfall?
No problem!

On behalf of the Kempten water authority, we are building a rainwater retention basin in Engetried.

The KUTTER team began working on this construction site in September 2021 and it is scheduled for completion in October 2023. We are working at full speed, performing tasks such as moving approx. 200,000 m³ of earth. Drainage and discharge pipes are being laid with a total length of around 1,500 m and more than 7,000 tonnes of limestone/cement binder and approx. 120,000 m³ of sound insulation filling material will be used. The value of the entire construction project is around EUR 6.4 million.

Watch our new video for insights into the techniques and everyday work of our colleagues.



CustomerWeilheim building authority
Construction period06/2022 - 07/2022
Total area65,000 m²
Length of road markings26,000 m
Order valueEUR 2,540,000

Built by Kutter!

On behalf of Weilheim building authority, the KUTTER team worked on the B472 in Ingenried.

Up to 30 tipper trailers and four-axle tippers were deployed as part of the road renovation project, to renovate 6.2 km of national road. It also involved replacing 250 m of drainage channels. Two large asphalt milling machines, one small asphalt milling machine and two large asphalt pavers with feeder were used.



CustomerAutobahn GmbH, national motorway authority
Construction period05/2022 - 07/2022
Renovation area60,000 m²
Order valueEUR 2,310,000

Built by Kutter!

We captured a few images on the construction site on the A7 near Bad Grönenbach. The KUTTER civil engineering and road construction team worked on site from the start of May to the end of July, deploying two large milling machines, 30 semi-trailers and four asphalt pavers with feeder, to renovate the road surface on behalf of Autobahn GmbH, the national motorway authority.



CustomerMunicipality of Pürgen
Construction period11/2021 - 11/2023
Earthmoving130,000 m³
Order valueEUR 7,646,600


A special local bypass is being built on national road 2057 in Lengenfeld. The KUTTER team has been working on this special project since November 2021. The construction site has an ecological aspect, as bats fly around in this area. Therefore, a collision protection wall is being erected and two bridge structures have been built so that bats can fly underneath. Ensuring flood protection is another special aspect of this project.




CustomerGarmisch-Partenkirchen municipal utility company
Construction period03/2021 - 11/2021
Order valueEUR 2,087,000

Special feature

- HPP piping DN315: 300 m 

- Reinforced concrete piping DN700: 100 m

- Reinforced concrete piping DN800: 100 m

- Reinforced concrete piping DN1000: 85 m

- GFRP piping DN1000: 35 m

- GFRP piping DN1100: 280 m 

Storage structure:

- GFRP piping DN2000: 27 m

- Throttle surge chamber DN3000

- Drainage well DN3000 

- Amiblu: https://www.amiblu.com/de/videos/

(The sand trap has not yet been installed in the piping)

The project is set to be completed in record time. The agreed, planned construction period was from March to November. However, it is likely that our KUTTER team will be able to complete the work ahead of schedule in September.



Milling work43,000 m²
Asphalt binder, two layers (InLine Pave method)35,600 m² of AC 16BS-NV and AC 16 BS-SG
Asphalt binder, one layer7,400 m² of AC 16 BS-SG
Asphalt top layer43,000 m² of DSH-V 05
Replacement of road gullies42 units
Replacement of road shoulder6,400 m
Order valueEUR 1,650,000

Perfectly orchestrated night work on the A96

One of the first asphalt paving contracts of 2020 began in April on the A96 near Etterschlag. We carried out the road renovation work on both sides of the road during flowing traffic, by applying the InLine Pave method. Only a couple of leading construction companies in Germany offer this extremely innovative method, which is especially suitable for “hot on hot” installations. At KUTTER, this cost-effective method forms part of our core service offering. Watch our new video for insights into the techniques and everyday work of our colleagues.



CustomerMunicipality of Memmingerberg
Local construction management + PlanningKlinger engineering firm
Construction period04/2018 – 12/2019
Length of constructionapprox. 1,100 m long / 11 m wide
Total value of construction projectEUR 4,400,000

The construction project

A few hundred metres from our head office at Augsburger Strasse 55 in Memmingen, we completed a large-scale civil engineering and road construction project for the municipality of Memmingerberg.

It involved moving a total of 11,600 m³ of soil as well as installing 81 road drainage inlets and 65 prefabricated shafts. Our colleagues also processed 12,950 m³ of material excavated from utility trenches, laid 3,350 sewer pipes and installed a mains water pipe for the municipality measuring 1,130 m long.

The edging was covered with 5,300 m³ of antifreeze gravel on top of which kerbstones and large granite paving were laid over a total length of 6,900 m.

The asphalt paving team then installed 14,000 m² of bearing, binding and top layers.

Throughout the entire project, the total cost for disposing of the excavated material was EUR 790,000. KUTTER was able to complete the project on schedule and in time for winter.



Total length2 x 5,900 m
Width11.5 m
Construction period03/2019 – 12/2019
CustomerBavaria motorway authority
Total value of construction projectapprox. EUR 10,500,000
JunctionsDual carriageways, with three junctions on each side
Material excavated from utility trenches9,500 m³
Prefabricated shafts150 units
Seepage pipes5,100 m
Sewer pipes5,100 m
Milled asphalt layers64,000 tonnes
Milled hydraulically bound bearing layer with tachymeter140,000 m²
Asphalt layers composed of bearing, binding and top layersapprox. 77,000 tonnes
Creation of road shoulder21,000 m

Collaboration with the world’s largest road paver Vögele

From March to December 2019, KUTTER was commissioned by the Kempten agency of the Bavaria motorway authority to renovate the A96 over a total length of 2x 5,900 m and a width of 11.5 m.

The construction site included three junctions. Collaboration from the start: with the world’s largest road paver Vögele.

We would like to thank Vögele for providing us with the impressive video featuring the road renovation project.



Construction period10/2108 - 12/2019
Order valueEUR 4,700,000
Ductwork for cables2,500 m
Laid cabling3,200 m
Earthworks3,000 m³
Installation of gravel & paving1,800 m³
Large granite paving3,400 m²
Edging of meadow area500 m

Built by Kutter!

The town park in Kempten was redesigned in October 2018. KUTTER was involved as the lead construction company. 2,500 m of ductwork for cables were laid with a total of 3,200 m of cabling.

The park has a new paved surface covering a total area of 6,400 m² and consisting of large granite paving from four different quarries. A border of approx. 500 m in length was also created around the meadow area.


In addition, the design of the central bus stops was optimised and permanent installations were also created for the Allgäu Festival Week. Particular highlights also include the fountains with lighting effect and underground water supply shaft.

Our teams made sure the trees were fully protected of course during all the construction work.

We are delighted that the town of Kempten has documented the construction work and made the material available to us.



Construction period03/2019 until end 10/2019
WorkLaying of a ductwork system, widening of the runway
Order valueEUR 14,000,000
Total value of construction projectEUR 22,000,000
Other detailsEU tender


KUTTER beats off EU-wide competition

From a military airport to one of the most important backbones of the Free State of Bavaria: Allgäu Airport in Memmingen has been an important hub for some time now. It offers flights to Egypt, Corsica, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain and many more destinations. With a new record flight plan of over 50 destinations, it is attracting increasing numbers of holidaymakers and business travellers. In order to be able to offer additional, varied destinations to its many air passengers in future, the airport is now being expanded – not least so it can continue to fulfil the increasingly strict international security guidelines.

After a ten-month marathon of negotiations, this challenging and exciting project was awarded to KUTTER. The costing work alone for this EU-wide tender took almost two months. This was followed by a lengthy planning process with regard to employee self-monitoring as well as a time-consuming approval process for each individual worker and each individual machine – after all, the project was for an airport, classed therefore as a high-security zone. Ultimately, KUTTER was able to complete the tender stage to the utmost satisfaction of the customer and emerged successful in face of the competitors from across the EU. Last November, the groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation project took place in the presence of Bavarian Minister President Markus Söder.

The excavators roll onto site at 9.30pm


Since March 2019, it’s been a daily occurrence for the KUTTER team: “Time for the night shift!”. As soon as the last flights have left the runway, the large construction machines start moving. First of all, cable trenches for a ductwork system were dug out along the entire runway, in which the electrics for the runway lighting will be installed at a later point. The biggest challenge: By 6am precisely when the first planes start moving, all the machinery must be returned the garage, and all the holes and trenches must be filled in until the four KUTTER crews get back to work again in the evening at 9.30pm.

Complete closure of the airport in autumn

Things will get really exciting in early autumn, when the airport will be completely closed to air traffic for the last two weeks of September. This is when the work will ramp up and be performed day and night in shifts to extend the width of the runway from 30 to 45 metres across its entire length. It will be a race against time as no delays can be afforded, considering the fact that the largest airline Ryanair will suspend all air traffic during this period.

Financed by the free state

The mammoth project is being partially financed by the Free State of Bavaria as well as the airport’s shareholders. The order value of the civil engineering work performed by KUTTER alone equates to EUR 15 million. To get an overview of the large construction project, Bavarian State Minister for Construction and Transport, Dr Hans Reichert, recently visited the site. Together with the airport’s CEO, Ralf Schmid, and Member of Bavarian State Parliament, Klaus Holetschek, KUTTER CEO, Peter Groll, and Head of Division, Andreas Binder visited the site with the politician, explaining the individual work steps and highlighting the particular challenges for both the workers and the machinery.

KUTTER in the media

Naturally, the project is being covered by the media. The press reports regularly on the progress, as do TV channels such as Allgäu-TV, which is often on site and broadcasts impressive footage of what is currently happening on the construction site.

The renovation works are scheduled to be completed in 2020. Besides expanding the runway and replacing the instrument landing system, the luggage halls are also being extended, the apron areas are being widened and a rainwater retention basin is being built.

KUTTER is proud to play a leading role in shaping such an important, regional project and wishes all of the employees involved every success!





Construction period10/2020 - 12/2022
Land area1.182 m²
Gross floor area1.800 m²
Total living area1.434 m²
Underground parking spaces17
of which multiple parkers8

Barrier-free, urban living

Executed by the KUTTER Munich branch, an urban residential building in the rear building style was created in the sought-after Munich Westend, which offers its residents barrier-free, ultra-modern apartments between 40 and 125 m2 of living space.

KUTTER has succeeded in creating a residential building that makes optimal use of the limited space available in a grown inner city district and combines comfort and energy efficiency with urban charm.

Architecturally, the building is designed in such a way that each apartment has an outdoor space in the form of a balcony or terrace. Away from the street there is also a garden area with a small playground, which gives the residents of the Guldein a private, green oasis. The residential units are supplemented by a cellar compartment, areas that can be used jointly, as well as a washing and drying room and bicycle rooms. A total of 17 underground parking spaces are also available.

To give you a little insight, click here for the online tour.

Strucutral Engineering

Loading and assembly hall

Construction period03/2022 - 12/2022
CustomerHans Hundegger AG
Order valueEUR 1,970,000

Earth and reinforced concrete work Industrial hall with office

In March, KUTTER started the contract for the building construction, civil engineering and road construction divisions with the preparatory earthwork for the new loading and assembly hall for Hundegger in Hawangen. The finished building was ready by June and could be handed over to the customer. By the end of the year, all necessary measures will also be completed in the outdoor area.

Thank you for the order and the trust you have placed in us!

Structural Engineering

Seniors residence

Construction period08/2021 - 06/2022
CustomerHeim Infrastruktur
Gross floor area5.500 m²
Order valueEUR 2,613,600

Living well even in old age

From August 2021 to June 2022, KUTTER took over the shell construction of the senior citizens' residence in Kissleg.

33 one- to three-room apartments and 60 one-room apartments have been built on the 5,500 m² property. The facility should be ready for occupancy by June 2023.

KUTTER wishes continued good construction progress.



Construction period01/2021 - 03/2022
CustomerGWG Lindauer Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH
Gross floor area720 m²
Order valueEUR 1,100,000

Six-family dwelling ready for occupancy

In the border town of Lindau, KUTTER handed over a ready-to-occupy, newly built six-family dwelling to the customer. The construction period was almost 14 months and work was completed according to plan.



Construction period, EDEKA04/2019 - 03/2020
Construction period, office and commercial building07/2020 - 03/2022
CustomerNVZ Buxheim GmbH & Co. KG
Gross floor area: EDEKA4,284 m²
Gross floor area: office and commercial building3,997 m²
Order valueEUR 11,000,000

EDEKA, office and commercial building

A large construction project was successfully completed according to schedule in spring.

Buxheim now boasts a modern shopping centre, including an EDEKA supermarket with drinks store and bakery as well as an office and commercial building with underground car park. KUTTER completed the turnkey construction of both buildings.



Construction period03/2021 - 10/2021
CustomerDistrict of Ravensburg
Order valueEUR 526,500

Self-sufficiency for the school district

The aim of the new heating plant that was inaugurated in spring by Head of the District Authority, Harald Sievers, is for the area – which will also include a central, district council building and a newly built school – to become self-sufficient in terms of power by 2026.

KUTTER made a huge contribution towards the project with the construction of the heating plant and its eight-metre-high exposed concrete walls. We would like to thank the District of Ravensburg for awarding this contract to us.




Construction period02/2020 - 11/2021
Property surface area3,100 m²
Gross floor area3,248 m²
Total living space2,822 m²
Multi-family dwellings3
Underground parking spaces28

Modern and close to the centre

Just a few steps from Memmingen’s old town, KUTTER created a modern residential area as part of a construction project lasting almost two years.

A total of three buildings 28 flats have been created, and each residential unit also has a underground parking space.

High-quality materials, modern floor plans and the latest technical equipment turned the project into a real residential experience.

All the units have already been sold and are currently occupied.

Special feature: the fully automatic parking system

Watch the Video here!



Construction period04/2021 - 03/2022
CustomerJohanniter Unfall Hilfe e.V.
Property surface area4,600 m²
Order valueEUR 686,755

A new day nursery building belonging to Johanniter Unfall Hilfe e.V. is being built on Lisztstrasse in Memmingen

A total of 582 m² distributed across two floors will offer space for 100 children in the future. On both floors, two group rooms each are currently being built, with adjoining rooms and sanitary facilities. On the L-shaped ground floor, there is also a multi-purpose room, staff rooms and a kitchen area. On the eastern single-storey part of the building, a partly paved roof terrace is being built that will be connected to the external premises via a staircase and a slide.

KUTTER will complete the construction work according to schedule in March.



CustomerViterma Deutschland GmbH
Construction period09/2021 - 02/2022
Excavation volume5,000 m³
Order valueEUR 329,538.64

Construction of a new showroom

KUTTER is currently building a new storage hall with offices on Teramostrasse for bathroom fitter Viterma. This will mean even more space for the bathroom showroom. 

On a land surface area of 3,000 m², a large building measuring around 680 m² is under construction. Work began at the start of September. The KUTTER team expects the building to be completed by February.



Construction period07/2021 - 10/2021
CustomerAlwin Kolb GmbH & Co. KG
Excavation2,000 m³
Gravel installation1,350 m³
Asphalt2,400 m²
Order valueEUR 976,000

Working during ongoing operation

Over a four-month construction period, KUTTER built a roof canopy for the used paper area in Kaufbeuren. As Kolb did not want to interrupt its work processes, the construction work had to take place during ongoing operation, which was particular challenging. It included, for example, the successful replacement of cable ducting during operation.



Construction period06/2019 - 08/2021
Property surface area804 m²
Gross floor area2,713 m²
Total living space1,611.91 m²
Town houses6
City apartments7
Underground parking spaces22

An exclusive location

At a premium location in Bogenhausen, not far from the Maximilianeum, the Prince Regent Theatre and the River Isar, ZAUBZER 29 is place of calm. The neighbourhood is composed of magnificent villas, elegant multi-family dwellings and lots of green space. The proximity to Odeonsplatz, the excellent infrastructure and the Angel of Peace, guardian of the district, underpin the exclusive character of the complex.

Urban living begins with architectural language. ZAUBZER 29 is a contemporary place for communal living. Instead of picking up on the cheerful stucco façades of the neighbourhood, the architect focused on clear, straight shapes and functional aesthetics. Tradition meets modernity.

ZAUBZER 29 stands for spacious living with the best materials and future-proof technology. The residents benefit from energy efficiency, high safety standards and maximum comfort for healthy living. Large windows provide wonderful views of the gardens or the city. From high-quality wooden flooring to exclusive designer tiles, everything has been designed with the best quality in mind.

turnkey construction

New construction of the ABS facility
North West Paderborn

builderKUTTER GmbH & Co. KG
Construction period05/2019 - 11/2020
project volumeEUR 4 Mio.
land area15,010 m²
NGF1,583 m²
BGF1,675 m²
BRI14,477 m³

New administration building and workshop

From May 2019 to November 2020, ABS Nord-West GmbH built a new turnkey facility in Paderborn. An administration and a workshop building as well as a company filling station and 41 parking spaces were built.





Total lengthapprox. 900 m
Width approx.5 cm

The solution to a very common problem

Shopping trolleys rolling away in one supermarket car park in Vilshofen is a thing of the past. Using our special cutting machinery, we milled a profile into the asphalt in order to create a shopping trolley retention system measuring approximately 900 metres long. This was a really simple solution to a problem that we are all familiar with. The rear wheel of the shopping trolley fits neatly into the recess that is approximately 5 cm, holding the shopping trolley in place. 

We mostly worked at night to prevent any disruption to ongoing operations.



Special solution for indoor milling

Dust-free and low-vibration milling indoors – we are the specialists. Our video shows exactly how we create cable ducting or profiles in a closed hall.

We filmed the work performed at our customer PRÜM-Türenwerk GmbH in Weinsheim. All the measures were discussed in advance with the customer and adapted precisely to their needs. This enabled us, for instance, to work in halls that still contained warehouse goods, as no dust emissions were created.

Milling work in building structures: fast, clean, precise and cost-effective with KUTTER.



Independent and versatile

A mobile plant that replaces lorry journeys between the mixing plant and remote construction sites: KUTTER’s mobile cold mixing plant. Thanks to the separate diesel motor, it can operate independently of the public power supply. The cold mix that is created is suitable for a wide range of different construction projects: motorways, high-quality bearing layers for road and path construction, reinforcement of car parks and parking areas. Watch the video to learn out the diverse applications.



A uniform substrate

Uniform and sufficiently load-bearing substrates are the prerequisite for the permanent and damage-free foundation of structures. In the event that the in-situ ground does not have these properties, it can be prepared so that it can be built upon and bear loads, by incorporating limestone and/or cement.

KUTTER carries out a wide range of ground improvement and ground hardening activities, such as in the construction of roads, car parks, industrial premises, airports and rail tracks. We can perform diverse earthwork, such as the creation of dams, embankments or backfilling. The soil stabilisers are also ideal for creating seals in landfill construction.

Thanks to this fast and environmentally friendly procedure, there is no need for time-consuming and costly replacement of soil.



Ecological and economical

As many roads in Germany are severely damaged several layers deep, for some time now it has no longer been possible to just replace the surface over and over again. KUTTER are the specialists for the job: we repair the entire structure of the road and permanently increase its load-bearing capacity. KUTTER are pioneers of cold recycling, and we have devoted ourselves to this ecological and economical procedure. The technological leadership acquired in this complex area enables us to maintain the functional properties of roads in the long term.

We renovate traffic areas with as little logistical effort as possible. And we do this with asphalt recycling. Our video shows you exactly how it works and what machines are used.


Green light for the airport
in Leipzig/Halle

Construction period04/2021 - 05/2021
Material350,000 m² concrete/hydraulically bound mixture

Renovation of the runway in Leipzig/Halle

The large project to renovate the northern runway at Leipzig airport started with the deployment of a special construction milling machine.

The work included building 9,375 metres of rain run-off channels, among other things. The ideal machine for this is the special construction milling machine from Kutter Leipzig with side-mounted milling drum. The milled material was extracted using suction excavators and disposed of professionally.

Over the next few days, another form of milling was used. This milling work was recently carried out in collaboration with Wirtgen and our workshop at the Leipzig branch.

In addition, ten W250 large milling machines were used to mill a total area of 307,000 m² of concrete and hydraulically bound mixture.

This equates to a total volume of 350,000 tonnes, or the equivalent of around 12,400 loaded semi-trailer tippers!



Bridge demolition on the B37
in Ludwigshafen

Construction period05/2020 - 07/2020
Total surface area10,000 m²
Milling machine usedradio-controlled W 50 milling machine

The overall process

After noticing the damage on the bridge, the City of Ludwigshafen closed the bridge and surrounding area to all forms of traffic. 

As this is a traffic intersection, it caused major disruption for the entire population. 

In order to remove the partly contaminated coating without having to dispose of the entire demolition material, a radio-controlled milling machine with a maximum weight of ten tonnes needed to be used. 

Up until this point, our company did not have a radio-controlled milling machine, therefore within a very short time, the milling specialists at KUTTER developed a W 50 milling machine offering all the required functions, which were converted to radio control. 

Special feature: The machine operator remained on a part of the bridge that was not being worked upon and was held secure by a safety harness on a truck-mounted crane, from where they could operate the machine via remote radio controls. 

The material was placed down on the bridge deck and picked up separately during the demolition work.



Project Adelsdorf bypass

KUTTER is working on the construction of a new bypass in Adelsdorf. During the initial phase, 3,500 cubic metres of limestone were removed using heavy equipment (see images).

The asphalt junction at the existing traffic lane is currently being milled. Over the coming weeks, a further 1,100 cubic metres of rock will be milled for the second section of the bypass.



Construction period11/2019 - 11/2019
Total area10,000 m²
Milled area7,500 m²
Milled depth0-12 cm
Materialconcrete without reinforcement
ControllerTrimble tachymeter controller
Milling machine usedWirtgen W 100 CFi


In November 2019, the milling specialists at KUTTER GmbH & Co. KG milled the challenging profile of a drainage channel into a concrete surface.

A 3D system was used for the levelling work. Special feature: The project was for the Senate Administration for the Environment, Urban Mobility, and Climate Action on Karl-Marx-Allee in the heart of Berlin, under which runs an underground train line. For this reason, it was not possible to use large milling machines. Instead, KUTTER performed the 3D milling using a compact device with 1 m milling width, and developed an innovative solution that can safely discharge rainwater.

Work to redesign Karl-Marx-Allee, an avenue in the heart of Berlin measuring up to 72.5 m wide in parts, has been ongoing in several stages since the summer of 2018. In future, there will be less room for cars. Instead there will be wider cycle paths as well as attractive walking paths and open spaces. After removing the bituminous road surfaces, the drainage points and the pavement were replaced.

Drainage channel in the concrete surface

The next step – to create a profile in the concrete surface beneath the asphalt – was challenging from a construction point of view. The profile of a drainage channel was required in order to later ensure the drainage of rainwater along a length of approx. 800 m and a width of 5.75 m. The plans stipulated that the slope had to vary between 2.5% and 3% at distances of 3-5 m. On the remaining 9.25 m width of the road, the profile needed to have a cross slope of 2.5% from the centre to the edge of the road. Based on this geometry, this resulted in a milled depth that constantly varied between 0 and 12 cm. But what’s more, the Berlin underground railway runs beneath parts of Karl-Marx-Allee. Therefore, due to load restrictions, large milling machines could not be used on around 75% of the construction area.

3D milling with a compact machine

In light of this task, the team of milling specialists at KUTTER developed a concept together with the main contractor Matthäi GmbH & Co. KG for the precise profiling of concrete. The machine of choice was a compact milling machine with a 1 m milling width, equipped with a 3D levelling system. This is rather unusual as normally only large machines with a milling width of at least 2 m are used for 3D milling.

Tried and tested for many years

“For almost a decade, we’ve been successfully creating new profiles by means of 3D levelling and have tried out different systems. The variants

incorporating a Totalstation have proven to be the best for a wide range of tasks. Therefore, we were certain this method would be successful for the project in Berlin Mitte,” explains Roland Schmid, Head of Milling at KUTTER in Memmingen. This meant that the milling specialists were able to confidently deliver the required precision of ± 5 mm in accordance with additional technical terms of contract, and create the best conditions for laying the asphalt top structure.



ProjectOberau tunnel bypass
Construction period2017-2019


The overall process

Swiss company Marti AG was awarded the contract to build Oberau tunnel.

The tunnel is essentially constructed using underground excavation with blasting. Once the rough removal of the tunnel cross-section was complete, our specially adapted mining milling machines were deployed to profile the tunnel invert to the exact height level required.

Our machine operators were guided by defined survey points and transferred the data by means of a laser controller which engages directly with the machine controller.

The milled material is loaded directly onto the transport vehicle on site via the integrated loading conveyor. The steep belt conveyors are reinforced with solid steel inserts to prevent damage caused by sharp-edged stone.

Our machines and their performance capacity

The performance capacity of our machines is generally based on the type of stone. This project involved dolomite stone and limestone with associated single-axial compressive strength values.

A further indicator for performance capacity is the fissurisation of the material to be removed, which can be naturally inherent or due to damage caused by stone blasting.

The special task

Another key area of this project was the creation of utility trenches within the tunnel invert. To complete this special task, we used the W 2200 milling machine with lateral milling device, which we had modified in-house and has a milling width of around 65 cm. This way we were able to create trenches that were approximately 70 cm deep.

The benefit of this technique is the fact that the milling machine with an entire operational weight of more than 40 tonnes is positioned centrally above the milling drum.

Quality thanks to years of experience

We have many years of experience in both surface and profile milling and can produce cost-effective results through optimised applications, even in extreme conditions.

The tunnel builders in Central Europe are familiar with the opportunities presented by milling technology, and are already incorporating our technology in the planning and costing phases of their projects.






KUTTER running team

half marathon
in Ottobeuren

Our KUTTER running team once again did a great job at the 2023 half marathon in Ottobeuren. The run took place in Ottobeuren for the eleventh time this year and is integrated for the first time as a kick-off event in the LEW running tour. A total of 300 runners started.

The popular sports event of the Bavarian-Swabian energy supplier LEW consists of a total of 8 races and will be continued in Illertissen on May 7th. As usual, the finale is the New Year's Eve run in Gersthofen on December 31st. Many thanks for the great organization and great atmosphere!

The result of our KUTTER runners is impressive. In the team ranking, our athletes took a great second place, for which we would like to congratulate them.

If our employees would like to join our running group in order to be physically active together, please feel free to contact Mr. Prigge. We welcome everyone who wants to take part. Beginners are also welcome!

Image source: Sport in Augsburg / Lechwerke (LEW)



Last Friday KUTTER & RIEBEL were part of the "BAM - Your fair for training and dual studies!" with over 80 exhibitors in the Mindelheim Forum.

The fair took place both virtually and one day on site. The lively exchange of information with all interested parties was a lot of fun for us and we look forward to seeing some of you again soon.

Are you currently still looking for an exciting apprenticeship or would you like to study dual studies? This is your chance!

You can find all open training positions and dual study places at https://www.kutter.de/en/projects and www.riebel-bau.de/karriere

Final sprint

End of construction rally
in Türkheim

Last Friday we were able to welcome classes 7a and 7bM from the Türkheim secondary school to the construction rally in our training workshop in Mindelheim for the last time.

This time, the students once again had the opportunity to try out our apprenticeships within the KUTTER Group at various stations and to put their manual skills to the test.

We are very pleased that some students have obviously shown an interest in an apprenticeship in construction and hope to see many of them again for an internship.

We will soon also be handing over the schoolyard benches that were made as part of the construction rally to the Mindelheim and Türkheim secondary schools.

Attention: you can always do an internship at KUTTER and RIEBEL without having been a participant in our construction rally. Just find out more at www.kutter.de/karriere or www.riebel-bau.de/karriere.

We look forward to hearing from you!



employee apartments
in memmingen and mindelheim

Housing is scarce and expensive.

As an investment in the future and in order to be even more attractive as a employer, we are planning two apartment buildings with a total of 60 residential units for our employees in Memmingen and Mindelheim.

The Bayerische Rundfunk (BR) interviewed our managing director Ulrich Dick.

You can read the interview under the following link: 

focus job

Internal school training fair
in Memmingerberg

Last Friday afternoon we were guests at the Memmingerberg middle school, because the school's internal training fair was held there for the first time under the title "Focus on the job".

In several information rounds, interested students and parents were able to find out about the various apprenticeships within the KUTTER Group and great discussions took place.

In order to prove our craftsmanship, we had our trade fair formwork with us and the students could try out the job of concrete and reinforced concrete workers directly.

Are you currently still looking for an exciting apprenticeship from September 2023? This is your chance!

You can find all open training positions at www.kutter.de/karriere and www.riebel-bau.de/karriere

Construction rally

Visiting our

Last Friday we had two classes from the Amendingen middle school visit our training workshop in Mindelheim. At various stations, the students were able to get to know the various apprenticeships at KUTTER a little as part of our construction rally.

It was bricked, paved and laid main lines. Guided by our trainees, the young people had a lot of fun doing the practical work. We are pleased to be able to arouse the students' interest in construction training and an internship with us through our construction rallies.

By the way: We offer internships on an ongoing basis. Even without taking part in our construction rally, interested parties can find out more about an internship with us on the KUTTER website. Simply apply at www.kutter.de/karriere.